'Three in the Bed' is the outrageous new musical farce by Australian songwriter & actor Jonathon Holmes. It premiered in September 2017 at the King Street Theatre, receiving rave reviews and selling out night after night. It returned by popular demand in January 2018 to New Theatre. The video and soundtrack continue to be streamed worldwide, with the songs being performed in various cabarets. It also featured in the book 'The Australian Musical: From The Beginning'.

Three in the Bed explores the trials and tribulations of a three-way encounter. Jessica has always had a crush on Tim, who turns up to her party suddenly single. Unfortunately, Tim meets Zoe. But Zoe thinks she has a way to make all parties happy… what could possibly go wrong?



Tim's never really been a great communicator, which tonight finally lands him in a plethora of sticky situations. We're all rooting for you Tim. Unfortunately, so is he.


She's always had a crush on Tim. He has no idea of course. But now he's single, at her party! Surely that's a sign? Just don't jump on anything too quickly Jessica.


Newly single Tim is attracted to Zoe like a vortex. She's beautiful and sassy. But she's no easy target, and he is well out of practice. He's going to have to pull out all the stops. But can he pull her off, or should he just pull out?


Emma's love of ceramic pineapples fuels an argument with her boyfriend Tim that has her screeching down the driveway. But she's willing to do anything to make it better. Absolutely anything.


Then there's the wildcard. Ben seems dim enough to be fooled by Tim's manic misdirection. It just depends how long Tim can keep it up. Who knows how he'll take it.

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Tim - Have I Seen...?
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Jess - Signs
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Zoe - Cupid
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Emma - Kinky
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Ben - The Package
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